A Set-top box (STB) is communication equipment that generally operates with QAM tuner input signal and decodes it to provide high quality audio/video signal on your television set or other display devices. MicroTech InfoCom Provide Set Top Box with fully compliant with DVB standard and following features.

Features of MPEG-4 SD digital set top box.

  • Fully compliant with MPEG-2 SDand MPEG-4 SD
  • Fully compliant with DVB-C Standard
  • Software upgrade via USBor OTA: Very convenient way to upgrade software by USB or OTA if new update comes after deployment of many set top boxes in the network.
  • USB 2.0interface is available.USB/Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is available: User can record many programs in USB storage device and user can play those programs at any time. Using Media Player user can play Audio and video formatted files like: MP3, MP4, AVI etc.
  • Media Browseris available: Using Browser user can see all files from USB storage device in four different categories like: 1) Picture: You can see individual picture in full screen 2)Music: You can play in Media Player 3)Video: You can play in Media Player and 4) text: You can see test document in full screen.
  • 720x480P@60Hz & 720x576P@50Hz Resolution
  • 500~1000 Digital TV & Radio Channels Supported
  • Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation Adjustable: User can change all picture settings as per requirements.
  • NIT (Auto) Scan, Manual Scan and Full Scan Options are available: using Auto (NIT) Scan user can search all programs within a short period of time.
  • 7 Days Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Supported: if EPG server is installed at head-end then using this feature user can get information about coming programs with time and date.
  • Logic Channel Number (LCN) Supported.
  • Bouquet Function is Available: Using this feature service provider can pass Bouquet through cable and user can see all Bouquets in Bouquet list like: Entertainment, Music, Movies, NEWS etc.
  • NIT Auto Detect Supported: if Channel/LCN Change from head-end then Set Top Box takes update itself
  • Reminder function: User can set reminder to play specific program on specific date and time.
  • Favorite TV/Radio List is Available: User can add multiple programs in to favorite list.
  • Program Edit is available: User can apply many operations to specific channel like: lock, move, hide and add to favorite list, Child lock
  • Multiple Conditional Access System support.

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