Digital Head End Solution

A Digital Headend system is a new revolution in cable TV industry. Digital Headend changed the whole phenomenon of cable TV industry by increasing the number of services. A large number of services can be run on a digital Headend.With advancement of technology in area of electronics and communication, high quality sound and video in TV entertainment is in demand. Although the TV signals are received in good quality from the satellite, it gets distorted in the process of modulation and transmission when carried out in analog format. However, when the signal is transmitted in digital format, distortion or loss of signal quality not found and the end user enjoys a good quality TV signal. Practically, the user irrespective of the length of the cable enjoys the same quality of TV signal received at head end. Theft of cable TV line is one of the most challenging task the cable operator faces which contributes to loss of revenue to the operator and the government. Owing to these reasons, up-gradation of existing analog Cable TV to Digital system has become inevitable. MicroTech InfoCom provide end to end solution for digital head end systems with advance technology devices and provide best solution and service for our client.

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